Government Contracting Success Week 2020
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Government Contracting Success Week 2020 (GCS Week) will consist of 4 days (5 different 45-minute sessions per day) packed full of information and tangible contracts with federal agencies and large prime contractors. 

There will be 3 types of sessions:

    • Info Sessions 

      • All Info Sessions will be hosted by FSMSDC staff from all existing programs/ partnering organizations (chamber organizations, nonprofits, business centers, etc.).

    • Prime Sessions 

      • All Prime Sessions will be hosted by Large Prime Contractors and who will discuss existing opportunities for small business contracting and subcontracting in the federal government (AT&T, Delta Airlines, Dell, etc..)

    • Federal Agency Sessions

      • All Federal Agency Sessions will be hosted by federal government agency representatives and will discuss existing opportunities for small businesses within their agencies. (Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, etc.).

Small businesses will be assigned an event schedule that include a variety of sessions. There will be 1 schedule assigned per small business. Sessions will be assigned according to the industry requirements of the presenting organization/federal agency. Schedules will be sent out the week of August 10.

When registering, please be sure to provide top 5 NAICS codes and capability statement.

All small businesses that provide their capability statements will be assigned Federal Agency Sessions and/or Prime Sessions in accordance with their capabilities and the needs of the organizations/agencies.

Please visit: for more information.
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